ORA Online Glossary

Association Number
  • The 3- digit number assigned by the Provincial Corporation to the Local Association

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Composite Teams
  • Teams comprised of players already registered on teams who want to participate in sanctioned events with a group other than their home team.
  • TRF information required:

  • Player name
    Registered (Home) Team; and

Executive Committee
  • The elected officers of the Local, Regional or Provincial Board known as President, Vice-President(s), Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Communications.

  • Ontario Ringette Members, parents/guardians of Ontario Ringette Members, spectators at Ontario Ringette events and Ontario Ringette professional staff.

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  • These players are not considered “players” providing they do not play in any sanctioned event

Local Association
  • Known as Registered Member or Associate Registered Member  [See Constitution, By-Law #1 Article 17 Item b) v)].

New Registrant
  • Any class member who was not registered in the immediate preceding season

Ontario Ringette
  • Ontario Ringette Association.

Player Affiliation
  • Affiliation means that a player may be called up from their regular team to play on a higher level team on an as needed basis.
  • This is conditional on the player, parents, coaches, location association and adult development program committee member agreeing to the affiliation and completing the necessary documentation.

Receiving Association
  • The Local Association to whom a player wishes to be released.

  • Known as Charter Member [See subsection By- Laws Item 2. a)] six in total (Central, Eastern, Northeast, Northwest, Southern, and Western).

  • Any individual or group entity (Registered Affiliate or culmination of Team) that is a member(s) of a Local Association and have registered on the prescribed registration forms and remitted all prescribed dues and fees.

  • When a player wishes to play for a Local Association, other than the Local Association in whose Boundaries the player resides, or the Local Association to whom the player has been released for three consecutive seasons as per Article 10.11, the player must apply for a release.

Releasing Association
  • The Local Association in whose Boundaries the player resides or the Local Association to whom the player has been released for three consecutive season as per Article 8.6 In either case, this is the Local Association from whom the player wishes to be released.

Sanctioned Event
  • Invitation Tournaments
  • Regional Championships
  • Regional Preliminary Championships/Qualifiers
  • Provincial Championships/Qualifiers
  • For ORA disciplinary purposes, any game between two (2) Registered ORA teams or between any other Province's teams with an ORA registered team

Two Team Players
  • A Regional B or C level player that plays on a location association team, and also plays on a Provincial A or AA team through terms agreed upon in a written “Playing Agreement”. No release is required.

Verification of Proof of Age
  • All players with the exception of 18+ age divisions, (Note: 18+ teams participating in Provincial Championships may be required to provide proof of age) when registering for the first time, must provide proof of age. Failure to do so results in a Not Verified (incomplete) registration status.