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Online Operating Manual

While every effort is and will be made to ensure that the Online Operating Manual is current and definitive all rulings and interpretations must be made based upon the latest revisions as documented and available through the ORA office.

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ORA Office

Ontario Ringette Association

305 Milner Avenue, Suite 912

Scarborough, ON M1B 3V4

Phone: (416) 426-7204, (416) 426-7205, (416) 426-7206

Fax: (416) 426-7359

Office Staff

Executive Director Michael Beaton (416) 426-7205 ed@ontario-ringette.com
Technical Director Karla Xavier (416) 426-7206 tech@ontario-ringette.com
Office Manager Bill Dressing (416) 426-7204 admin@ontario-ringette.com


President John Voss president@ontario-ringette.com
Vice-President Finance Robert Crandall vpfinance@ontario-ringette.com

Vice-President Administration

(G&T, Membership Services and Adult Development)

Janet Logan vpadministration@ontario-ringette.com

Vice-President Technical

(Elite, Sport, Officiating, Rules and Coaching Development)

Kelly Sitland vptechnical@ontario-ringette.com
Vice-President Communication Colin Deans vpcommunications@ontario-ringette.com
Past President Kim Noxon pastpresident@ontario-ringette.com
Athlete Representative Erienne Beuglet athlete.rep@ontario-ringette.com

Regional Directors

Central Region Director Mary Slavik director.central.region@ontario-ringette.com
Eastern Region Director Mike Lester director.eastern.region@ontario-ringette.com
Northeastern Region Director Terry Ablett director.northeastern.region@ontario-ringette.com
Southern Region Director Jim File director.southern.region@ontario-ringette.com
Western Region Director Brian Breckles director.western.region@ontario-ringette.com

Standing Committee Chairs

Vice-President Administration

Games & Tournament

Kathy Noxon chair.gandt@ontario-ringette.com
Membership Services Fred Black chair.membership@ontario-ringette.com
Adult Development Nanci Laroche chair.adp@ontario-ringette.com

Vice-President Technical

Elite Development

Harry Hirsimaki chair.elite@ontario-ringette.com>
Sport Development Daniel Wood-Salomon chair.sportwww.ontario-ringette.com
Coaching Development Gerald Lamoureux chair.coaching@ontario-ringette.com
Officiating Development Amy Murray chair.officiating@ontario-ringette.com
Rules Development Vacant  

ORA Privacy Policy

The Ontario Ringette Association (ORA) in cooperation with its member associations collects, uses and discloses such information as is required for the purpose of providing services, programs or information to them, managing team, player, coaching and officiating records and such other purposes as described in ORA’s Privacy Policy.

The ORA respects your privacy. We protect your personal information and adhere to all legislative requirements with respect to protecting privacy. We do not sell, barter, or exchange for consideration any Personal Information obtained. ORA’s collection , use and disclosure of personal information shall be done in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

Direct any questions you may have concerning the ORA Privacy Policy to our Privacy Officer at: ed@ontario-ringette.com