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Registration Procedures

Does anyone currently register? Anyone know? Did you know that if you officiate a game and are not registered, the home team can be fined and you are not covered under ORA’s insurance policy?

Every official must fill out a registration form and choose one of the following two methods of submition.

  1. If you are registering as an independent official – fill out the registration form, enclose a cheque for the appropriate fee and mail it in to ORA office. Once you receive verification of payment, you are considered registered.
  2. If you are registering as in official within an association – fill out the form and submit it to your local association registrar. The method of payment will be determined by the local association. The local association will send the form and payment to ORA office with the registration package.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are properly registered prior to stepping on the ice. ONLY REGISTER ONCE.

Registration fees for the 2016-2017 season are:

  • Registering solely as an official $34.00
  • Registering as an official and a coach or player $29.00

Registration fees include administration and insurance fees which only need to be paid to ORA once. If you register as a player or coach, these fees are included in your local fees, therefore, you do not have to pay them when registering as an official.All officials in the Province of Ontario that are 18 years of age or over must provide a valid police record check to your local RIC or to the O.R.A. office prior to November 15th. These checks will be valid for a period of 3 years.Click here to download the Registration Form which can be completed and mailed to the ORA office

2017-2018 Officiating Development Clinics

To register for officiating clinics being held in Ontario please go to:Ringette Canada Officiating Site

Note: Clinic information will be available in the fall

For questions about clinics please contact your regional coordinator:

CHAIR: Amy Murray

CENTRAL REGION: Tara Armstrong




WESTERN REGION: Denise Pelletier


ALL officials wishing to move up in rank must apply for their upgrade either here online or by filling in the “Request for Upgrade” form and mailing it to the Evaluations Manager. The “Request for Upgrade” form can be downloaded below.



This procedure will put more responsibility in the hands of the officials to ensure they are upgraded once they feel they have met the upgrade requirements.

The official will not be considered “upgraded” until they receive confirmation from either the local Regional Coordinator or the Officiating Chair.

Please forward all mailed in forms to:

Pat TurcotteEvaluations Manager143 Williamson Dr.Caledonia, ON N3W 1A4

Click Here for Upgrade and Maintenance Requirements.

The Upgrade/Maintenance request is available as an Online Process or as a form to print and mail.

Rank upgrade and maintenance requirements

Level 1 Certification – Rank Attainment

  • 1C – Attend Level 1 N.O.C.P. Clinic and pass quiz (50% or higher) plus meet skating assessment requirements.
  • 1B/1A – As in 1C attainment, plus at least one on-ice evaluation by local Referee-in-Chief, community, regional or provincial evaluator.


  • Expiry Date: SEPTEMBER 14th of following season.


  • Payment in full of yearly membership fees and dues.
  • Attendance at a Refresher 1 Clinic in rule change year.
  • Attainment of at least 1 on-ice evaluation once every two (2) years at or above present rank prior to DECEMBER 15th of the following year.

Level 2 Certification

– Rank Attainment

  • 2 C, B or A – Full Level 1 Certification.
  • Attend a Level 2/3 N.O.C.P. Clinic and achieve a passing mark (60% or better) on required test.
  • A minimum of 2 on-ice evaluations by a community, regional or provincial evaluator. At least one evaluation must be by a different evaluator.
  • Expiry Date: SEPTEMBER 14th of the following season.


  • Payment in full of membership fees and dues prior to SEPTEMBER 15th.
  • Attendance at a Refresher 1 Clinic in Rule Change years.
  • Attainment of at least 1 on-ice evaluation once every two (2) years at above present rank prior to DECEMBER 15th of the following year.

Level 3 Certification

– Rank Attainment

  • 3 C, B or A – Full Level 2 Certification.
  • Attend a Level 2/3 N.O.C.P. Clinic and achieve a passing mark (60% or better) on required test.
  • A minimum of 3 on-ice evaluations by regional or provincial evaluators. At least 2 evaluations must be by different evaluators, preferably from different regions.


  • Expiry Date: SEPTEMBER 14th of the following season.


  • Payment in full of the membership fees and dues prior to SEPTEMBER 15th.
  • Attendance at a Refresher 2 Clinic in rule change years.
  • Attainment of at least one on-ice evaluation per year at or above present carded rank (prior to DECEMBER 15th of the following year).

Level 4 Certification

– Rank Attainment

  • 4C, B or A – Full Level 3 Certification.
  • Attend a Level 4 N.O.C.P. Clinic and achieve a passing mark (70% or better) on required test.
  • A minimum of 4 on-ice evaluations by provincial evaluators. At least 3 (three) evaluations must be by different evaluators, preferably from different regions.

Note: For upgrade to Level 4, at least one evaluation must be on a “AA” tournament final game or a game deemed to be a level of difficulty comparable to a “AA” Provincial Championship game.

  • Expiry Date: SEPTEMBER 14th of the following season.


  • Payment in full of the yearly membership fees and dues prior to SEPTEMBER 15th.
  • Attendance at a Refresher 2 Clinic in rule change years.
  • Attainment of at least one on-ice evaluation per year at or above present carded rank (prior to DECEMBER 15th of the following year).

Note: – Any official not affiliated with the O.R.A. Officiating Program through payment of the associated fees and dues by SEPTEMBER 15th of each year shall have all privileges suspended. Officials shall be reinstated upon receipt of the annual membership fee.

If an official does not attend the appropriate clinic in a rule change year they will be suspended and downgraded one (1) full level and required to take the appropriate clinic the following season.MaintenanceIn order to maintain a given rank, Level 3 and 4 officials MUST acquire at least 1 (one) evaluation at or above that Rank (by DECEMBER 15th the following season). For Level 1 and 2 officials this must be done at least once every two (2) years.

In order for officials to maintain a given rank, the official must acquire at least one (1) evaluation at their current level and category or at least one (1) evaluation at a higher level with the same or higher category.

Rank Evaluation
2B 3B = maintenance
2B 3C = no maintenance


Other examples:

A 2C official upgraded through evaluation to 2A must produce a maintenance evaluation at 2A or above by DECEMBER 15th of the following season every two (2) years. Should an official not provide a maintenance evaluation by that date, his/her certification rank will be downgraded one full Level at the same category (e.g. 3A to 2A, 3B to 2B, etc.).

1 A/B officials not providing a maintenance evaluation will be downgraded to 1C. Officials will continue to lose one level per year (to a minimum rank of 1C) if maintenance evaluations are not provided.

Any official that may require an extension for a maintenance evaluation due to extenuating circumstances must apply in writing to their Regional Officiating Co-ordinator. The Officiating Development Committee will make all decisions regarding extensions of maintenance after the written request is received.

An official failing to provide a maintenance evaluation as required, may be reinstated at their original rank by providing the same number of evaluations required to originally attain that Rank. (e.g. A 3A official who is downgraded to 2A as a result of failure to provide a maintenance evaluation at Level 3 may be reinstated at 3A by obtaining three (3) 3A evaluations).

Interested In Becoming An Official?

The first step is to contact your local association Referee-in-Chief and let them know you are interested.

Click Links tab on Home page
From there, you will need to take a Level 1 officiating clinic

Click the Clinics Tab above for information
The Level 1 officiating clinic is designed to educate the new official in the basic techniques of officiating. The clinic material is covered in approximately six (6) hours, plus one (1) hour of ice time to test attendees on the required skating skills.
The topics covered include:

  • Qualification and pre-game duties
  • Positioning and on-ice mechanics
  • Violations and rules
  • Body contact principles
  • Signals
  • Skating skills assessment

The clinic is wrapped up with a Level 1 quiz, with a 50% pass required to certify.

Ringette Canada crests, rulebooks, casebooks and other helpful material can be purchased at the clinic.
Required items include skates, black CSA certified helmet, whistle, black pants and an officials jersey.
When you complete the clinic it is up to you to contact your local Referee-in-Chief, complete a registration form and get on the ice.

Good luck and have fun!


For as long as Municipal Recreation has existed there has been, with some justification, a concern that our sports tended to be male oriented.

Over the years attempts have been made to discover or create a new winter court or rink game for girls.

Broomball was such a game, and for some time girls Ice Hockey had a certain success. Neither of these games seemed to have the acceptance of the female population as indicated by lack of growth.

Ringette is a new attempt to provide a winter team sport, on skates, for girls.

The original concept was that of Mr. S. Jacks, Director of Parks and Recreation of North Bay, in 1963. That same year the Northern Ontario Directors of Municipal Recreation requested Mr. Red McCarthy, Director of Recreation of Espanola, to experiment with the game and draw up some basic rules. These rules in turn were experimented with during the winter of 1964-65 by many of our Northern Communities. At the meeting of Northern Directors at the Chalet, Trout Creek, Ontario, May 31st, 1965, the first complete set of rules were drawn up.

Attending the meeting were the following Recreationists:

    • George Kormos, Sudbury
    • Bob Bateman, Sudbury
    • Diana Mulcahey, Sudbury
    • Jim Maxwell, Sault Ste. Marie
    • Bob Arnot, Sault Ste. Marie
    • Charles Cherrier, Huntsville
    • Archie Dillon, Timmins
    • Fred Salvidor, Timmins
    • Sam Jacks, North Bay
    • Murray Shave, North Bay
    • Dean McCubbin, Community Programmes Branch
    • Bob Reid, Temiskaming
    • Dave Bass, Onaping
    • Dusty Baker, McIntyre
    • Jac Cropley, Deep River
    • Robert Wiggins, Sturgeon Falls
Playing Area
  1. The playing area shall be any outdoor or indoor icerink on which ice hockey is played.
Rink Markings
  1. The two blue lines of the standard hockey rink are the main rink markings.
  2. In the event of a rink being used exclusively for Ringette the area is divided into three equal parts by the blue lines.
  3. Goal crease marking shall be a half circle with an (8) eight foot radius from a point half way between standard hockey goal posts. Straight lines extending parallel to the goal post shall join the half circle.
Team Rules
  1. There shall be six players:
    • 1 goal keeper
    • 2 forwards
    • 2 defence
    • 1 center
  2. The two defence may play only in their own defensive zone and the centre zone.
  3. The two forwards may play only in the center zone and the offensive zone.
  4. The center may play in all three zones.
  5. All players will wear skates.
  6. A team shall have a maximum of (18) eighteen players, and no less than (12) twelve.
  7. Changes of players will be made only when the play is stopped.
Age Groups
  1. All ages are as of January 1st of the current playing season.
  2. There will be two age groups.


(i) 14 years and under(ii) Over 14 years. 

Dress Of Players
  1. Ski slacks or similar snug fitting clothing may be worn.
  2. Any uniform pullover, sweat top or sweater may be worn.
  3. Members of a team must be similarly dressed, in regards to section V Sub-section (b).
  1. THE RING The standard rubber deck tennis ring will be used.
  2. THE PLAYERS STICK a broom stick or hockey stick (without blade) both ends rounded and smooth. NOTE: Maximum length of stick, armpit length while on skates.
    • DEFENCE sticks will be coloured RED.
  3. GOAL STICK Junior Hockey goal stick painted PINK.
The Play
  1. The ring must be passed or shot over each line (this includes the goal crease).
  2. The player passing or shooting the ring across a line may not touch the puck until it has been touched by another player.
  3. Within the rules as stated in Section III, players may take any position on the ice surface.
  4. The ring may not be passed to a teammate if it crosses (2) two blue lines.
  5. The ring may be shot at the goal from anywhere.
Length Of Periods
  1. There will be (2) two periods of (20) minutes straight time.
  2. There will be a ten minute half time rest period.
  3. Overtime and its length will be at the discretion of each individual league.
Face Off Rules
  1. On all face offs the ring will be placed on the ice, the referee shall have the players place their sticks on the ice approximately 18 from the ring. Play shall commence when the whistle is blown.
  2. The two players facing off cannot retrieve the ring until it has been touched by another player.
  3. In the event of a fully marked hockey rink being used players will remain outside the circle during face offs.
  4. In the event of an unmarked rink, the distance from the face off is at the discretion of the referee. This will also be the case when violations take Place in specific areas not covered by circles.
  1. Entering a circle on a face off in advance of the whistle.
  2. Shooting the ring out of bounds.
  3. Deliberately holding the ring out of play.
  4. Any team member speaking to officials.
  5. Any player entering the goal crease.
  6. Goal keeper interfering with players.
  7. Carrying the ring over a blue line.
Penalty For Violations
  1. The play will stop immediately.
  2. Possession of the ring will be given to the opposing team at the spot the violation occurred.
  3. Any player on the team will then place their stick in the ring, the opposition and their own players will step back a minimum of (6) six feet and play will resume on the officials whistle.
Minor Fouls
  1. To body check an opponent.
  2. To cross check an opponent.
  3. To impede a player not in possession of the ring.
  4. To play with a damaged stick.
  5. To board check an opponent.
  6. To trip an opponent.
  7. To deliberately put a ring out of play.
  8. To raise any part of the stick above shoulder height.
Penalties For Fouls
  1. Play will stop immediately.
  2. The offending player will be given a 2 minute penalty.
Major Fouls
  1. Any minor foul with the deliberate attempt to injure.
  2. Offensive Language.
Penalties For Major Fouls
  1. Banishment from the game.
Goal Keeper Regulations
  1. A Goal Keeper must not hold the ring out of play for more than 3 seconds.
  2. In the case of 16 (a) the ring will be awarded to the opposing team at the nearest circle
Team Penalty Regulations
  1. A minimum of four players must be on the ice.
  2. In the case of one of the remaining players being penalized, she will be replaced by an unpenalized player.
  3. In the case of 17 (b) the penalized player s time will not start until there are (4) four unpenalized players on the ice.
Injured Players
  1. If an injury occurs the play will stop immediately.
  2. An injured player will be replaced and a referee’s time out declared during this delay.
  1. Spectators will be the responsibility of the home team.
Dangerous Objects
  1. It shall be the prerogative of the referee to have removed any object connected with the facilities or personal apparel of the players or their equipment that he deems dangerous.

Rules Clarifications and Updates

2013-2015 Official Rules and Case Book

Official Rules and Case Book app Ringette Canada has developed an app for its rules and casebook.The application allows users to search specific rules or officiating signals. It is currently available on iOS and Android only for an introductory price of 0.99$ until September 2014.


Actively Checking (2014)Several questions regarding the mechanics of the new rules were brought up this season. Ringette Canada has provided clarification to the questions.Actively Checking Memo

Move it or Lose it Information and Areas of Emphasis (2014)

Please click on the link below to view a video describing the new Move it or Lose it rule in Ringette: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wSJiBO-SRY2014 Emphasis on Move it or Lose it Rule Memo

Ringette Stick/Stickers Information (2014)Ringette Stick Memo

Provincial Official of Year Award

At the conclusion of every season the Ontario Ringette Association recognizes one official who stood out during the season and showed strength, leadership and passion in the sport of ringette.
Thank you to all officials who take the time to make our sport possible.

Past Winners Include:

2016 – Steve Baker2015 – Becky Murray2014 – Chris Faulds2013 – Stephanie Renda2012 – Denise Pelletier2011 – Amy Murray2010 – Karen Meek2009 – Lorie Grant2008 – Brent Bunting2007 – Derek Burger2006 – Janyce Gunn2005 – Geri- Louise Lamers2004 – Lynne Philion2003 – Natalie Fortin2002 – Sue Blacklock2001 – Kevin Lee2000 – Mario Periard1999 – Steve Moritsugu1998 – Kelly Campbell1997 – Sue Shantz1994 – Karen Meek