2016-2017 Coaching Clinic Information

For questions about clinic information please contact your regional coordinator:

Central Region: Carolyn Mountjoy & Stacey Wright

Eastern Region: For further information please visit the Eastern Region Coaching Page at: http://easternregionringette.ca/page.php?page_id=39312

Western Region: John Mezenberg

Southern Region: Teena Dowd

NorthEast Region: Bruce Graham

How to register for a Coaching Clinic:

Community Sport Initiation (CSI) TRAINED

Step 1: Complete online Registration and pre-course tasks here

Step 2: Ringette Introduction to Coaching Course: Register online here

Step 3: To attend CSI:  Register online here

To be considered Trained, coaches must attend the entire Ringette Community Sport Initiation training course.

Step 4: Register and attend the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) with Coaching Association of Ontario here

Note: Coaches who have completed the Ringette CI-1 prior to 2015 or other sport MED course already have this component.

Receive Community Sport – Initiation (CSI) IN-TRAINING STATUS

Step 5: Complete Community Sport – Initiation Make Ethical Decisions (MED) online evaluation in the NCCP Lockerhttps://thelocker.coach.ca/account/login?ReturnUrl=%2f



Competition Introduction (CI) TRAINED

Note:  Any coach that attended a CI – 1 clinic prior to the 2014-2015 season has the option to complete the Design a Basic Sports Program through the Coaching Association of Ontario – here or retake the Competition Introduction clinic (CI).

Step 1: Complete online Registration and pre-course tasks here

Step 2: Ringette Introduction to Coaching Course: Register online here

Note: Coaches only need to complete this course once. If this course has been completed as part of the CSI coach pathway, it is not required as part of the CI coach pathway.

Step 3: To attend CI:  Register online here

To be considered Trained, coaches must attend the entire Ringette Competition – Introduction training Course.

Step 4: Register and attend the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) via Coaching Association of Ontario here

Note: Coaches who have completed the Ringette CI/CSI prior to 2015 or other sport MED course already have this component.

Receive Competition Introduction (CI) IN-TRAINING STATUS

Step 4: Complete the Competition-Introduction Make Ethical Decisions (MED) online evaluation in the Locker here



Competition Introduction (CI) CERTIFIED

Step 1: Register for Evaluation Process by December 1, 2016: See link for details: http://www.ontario-ringette.com/coaching/evaluations.php?sub=coaching

Receive CI CERTIFIED STATUS upon successful completion of steps above and passing on ice evaluation


Managers Certification Program

Step 1: Complete online Registration, submit payment and complete online program here

Deadline to complete the Manager Certification Program is January 8, 2017.

Manager Certified Status will show on your Ringette Canada coaching website transcript and will not show on your NCCP Locker Profile.

For more information on Bench staff requirements, including trainers please visit review the Coaching Section of the ORA Operating Manual Pgs. 6 – 9 Operating Manual Tab

The Ontario Ringette Association, Ringette Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada offer several Coaching Development Programs, resources, seminars and clinics.




Now, you can download the reference material to any of your laptops and computer for the clinics and look up information down the road.

*When a coach registers for a clinic, the email notification includes a link to the reference material for download as well.

Community Sport Initiation Resource Materials For Coaches

Competition Introduction Reference Materials For Coaches

I am a head coach of a U14/U16/U19 A Level team. Do I need to be CI Certified?



No. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches of A Level teams do not need to be certified by January 8th to remain qualified to be the bench with their team.


  • Only teams registered as AA Level teams require their Head Coach and Assistant Coaches to be CI Certified.
I am currently coaching U14/U16/U19 (B/C/Rec) and I have CSI. Do I need to do CI?



  • Not immediately but by January 8, 2019 all coaches at these levels will be required to be CI Trained.
I am a head coach of a U14/U16/U19 A Level team. I have completed the CSI course already. Do I need to do Introduction to Coaching Ringette Clinic?




  • No. If you have completed the CSI or CI course prior to 2015 you do not require the Introduction to Coaching Ringette Clinic.
I have CSI and I want to sign up for CI.




Do I need to do Introduction to Coaching Ringette Clinic?

  • No. If you have completed the CSI or CI course prior to 2015 you do not require the Introduction to Coaching Ringette Clinic.
I am going to be a U12 Regional coach. I see that starting in U14 I need CI.




Can I skip CSI and just do CI along with Introduction to Coaching Ringette?

  • No. The requirements for U12 Regional are CSI and that is what is needed for this current season. Next season if you coach U14 you will just have to complete the CI course and MED Online Evaluation for the CI context, you will not require Introduction to Coaching Ringette or the MED Module.
I have CI but I have not completed CSI since my older daughter was in the Competitive stream. My younger daughter is in U9 and I want to coach her team.



Do I have to do CSI or is CI enough training?

  • You must complete CSI Training and the MED Online Evaluation in the CSI context to be qualified to coach U9.
I only took my CI-1 last year;



Can I just join the second day of CI to get my CI2?

  • No. The layout of the course has changed. If you have taken the CI 1 course in the past you have two options: You can retake the two day CI course or you can sign up online and complete the Design a Basic Sport Program Module offered through the Ontario Coaching Association. https://www.coachesontario.ca/nccp-training/course-calendar/.
I am going to be a coach-in-training this year.



Do I need to do the Intro course before CSI or CI?

  • Yes. A CIT must be appropriately qualified in accordance with the team’s registered level of play. A CIT must complete the Intro course before taking either CSI or CI depending upon level of play and must complete the Making Ethical Decisions Clinic and Online Evaluation.

Requirements And Instructions For Coaches

In accordance with Ringette Canada and The National Coaches’ Certification Program (NCCP) Requirements, all coaches must become MED certified. Becoming MED Certified involves completing a MED Training Module and then completing an online evaluation. MED training modules are available through the Coaching Association Of Ontario. Once the module is completed coaches can complete the online evaluation through the Coaching Canada website.

All Coaches must complete their MED Certification by January 8th of the current playing season.

Completing the MED Online Evaluation

In order to complete the MED online evaluation, go to ‘eLearning’ under ‘My Locker’ on the Coaching Canada website(www.coach.ca). In order to login, you will need both an NCCP# and a password.

If you have neither an NCCP# nor a password, enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field and click on ‘look up my NCCP#’. If the e-mail address you enter matches the one that Coaching Canada has on file for you from when you registered for your coaching clinic, the system will automatically send your NCCP# to your e-mail. Once you have your NCCP#, return to the same login screen and click on ‘retrieve my password”. Again, your password will then be e-mailed to you.

If at any point in the process a message to call or e-mail Coaching Canada comes up, simply send an e-mail to Coaching Canada coach services at coach@coach.ca, provide your full name and birth date and the date you completed your CSI or CI clinic and ask for your NCCP# and a password to enable you to complete the MED online evaluation. Coaching Canada normally gets back to you within a few business days. (Note that Coaching Canada’s system automatically sets up an account and an NCCP# for you when you take a coaching clinic, so please do not click on ‘Don’t have an account? Create one now!’ as this will create a second account.)

Once you have a NCCP# and a password, return to the eLearning login page and log in. You will see a number of MED online evaluations available down the left side of the page. If you are CSI Trained (i.e. have attended the Community Sport Inititation clinic), you will complete the Community Sport MED Evaluation (takes approximately 30 minutes to complete). If you are CI Trained (i.e. have attended the Competition Introduction clinic), you must complete the Competition-Introduction MED Evaluation (takes approximately 45 minutes to complete). Depending on how long ago you completed your CSI or CI clinic, you may want to review your clinic MED training materials before completing the online evaluation.

Upon successful completion of the online evaluation, your MED Certification will automatically be recorded on your CAC coaching transcript. In order that the ORA Bench Staff Qualifications Database can be updated to reflect your certification, please print and scan or take a screenshot of your transcript (‘Transcript’ is a menu item under ‘My Locker’) and forward it to Karla Xavier, ORA Technical Director, at tech@ontario-ringette.com.

Content TBD


How To Request a Competition Introduction Evaluation:

Coach: Log into your account on the Ringette Canada Coaching Site at: http://www.coachingringette.ca/

Before you can complete the CI Evaluation you must have completed one of the following options:

– Competition Introduction 1 & 2 Clinics (or CI-2 clinic replacement Multisport Design a Basic Sport Program) and the Competition Introduction MED Evaluation, or

– Introduction to Coaching Ringette Clinic, Competition Introduction Clinic and the Competition Introduction MED Evaluation.

If they do not show a green check mark but you have completed the requirements please send an e-mail to the ORA Technical Director at tech@ontario-ringette.com.

Once the requirements have been completed you can check the ‘begin’ button beside Competition Introduction Component 10 – Competition Introduction Evaluation.

This will automatically send an email to the ORA Technical Director, who will forward the request to your Regional Coaching Coordinator, who in turn will assign an Evaluator to you. You should receive an e-mail from an Evaluator within a reasonable time frame (a week to 10 days).

You must give your Evaluator a cheque in the amount of $100 (made out to the Evaluator) when you meet him/her for your on-ice evaluation session.


1. Please contact the ORA Technical Director if you encounter any issues with this process.

2. In order to complete your Competition Introduction MED Evaluation, please see ‘MED Information’ under Coaching on the ORA website (http://www.ontario-ringette.ca/) for complete instructions.

Coaches And Association Volunteers Are Often Faced With Delivering A Ringette Program When They Have Had Little Experience – This Can Be A Daunting Task!  The Resources Linked Below Are Intended To Give Coaches And Others A Head Start For Putting Together A Quality Program That Builds On Known Best Practices.



The Ideas Behind Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Bring Into Focus The Real Need For Skills Development In The Younger Divisions, Making Sure The Basics Are Taught Before The Athletes, Parents And Others Get Too Focused On “Winning The Game This Weekend.”  Hopefully These Resources Will Help You Lay The Foundation For Ringette Programs That Are Athlete Focused And Encourage Our Ringette Players To Continue Registering For This Great Sport Throughout Their Youth And Into Adulthood, Regardless Of The Level They Play At.


This Index Has Been Prepared To Help You Quickly Find Effective Drills For Developing Particular Skills. The Index Was Developed By Experienced Coaches Who Reviewed Widely Available Coaching Resources And Selected The Drills They Thought Should Be Brought To Your Attention. For Each Drill, They Indicated The Divisions It Is Particularly Suited For, And Whether It Requires Full Ice Of Half Ice.

Drills For Skills (PDF File)

Competition – Development Coach Pathway

Check out the Competition – Development Coach Pathway as the next step for coach who want to coach at the elite level. The document is also posted on the Ringette Canada website in both English and French.

Please make a note of the note on the bottom right corner. Also, please note that for this cycle of coaches beginning the path to Competition  – Development training, may not be able to take the  modules and register online as per our pathway. This is acceptable for this cycle, but after 2010, all coaches will be asked to follow the pathway.

2016-2017 Ringette Canada Coaching Requirements


Please refer to the Ringette Canada website www.coachingringette.ca for the newest Coaching Requirement Information.